Friday, September 30, 2005

Lace Wings Fixation Socks

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Yarn: just over 1 ball Cascade Fixation or similar for short socks
Needles: 5 3.25mm dpns

Cast on 56 stitches loosely (no need to cast on over 2 needles for these socks). Place 14 stitches on each needle, join without twisting.

Pattern: (from Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches)

Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - K1, K2Tog, YO, K1, YO, Sl1 K1 PSSO, K1
Row 3 - Knit
Row 4 - K2Tog, YO, K3, YO, Sl1 K1 PSSO

Repeat these 4 rows 5 times for the top of the sock (or more until desired length is reached).

Heel (borrowed from Broadripple sock pattern published online in Knitty)

Next rows are worked on 28 stitches only, on the first row work them onto a single needle. Second row turn work leaving remaining stitches on 2 dpns.

Row 1 *slip 1 knit 1 repeat from * for rest of row
Row 2 slip 1 purl rest of row.

Repeat these 2 rows 17 times.

Turn Heel.

Row 1 knit 17, ssk k1 turn
Row 2 slip 1 p7 p2tog p1 turn
Row 3 slip 1 k8 ssk k1 turn
Row 4 slip 1 p9 p2tog p1 turn

Continue working rows in this manner increasing 1 stitch each time until all stitches have been worked.

Pick up 17 stitches down the side of the heel flap plus 1 from between the flap and the front, pattern across front stitches (I like to do these on a single needle from now on, working on 4 dpns rather than 5), pick up 1 stitch in the gap between the front and the flap and then 17 stitches up the side of the heel flap.

Next row: Knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog, work 1st row of pattern across top stitches, last needle ssk knit to end
Second row: knit bottom of foot and pattern top of foot

Work these like this using the 4 row stitch pattern on the top of the foot and knitting the bottom until 14 stitches remain on each of the bottom of the foot needles.

(Note: make sure you keep track of how many pattern repeats you do so that you can match the second sock perfectly!)

Work straight knitting bottom of foot and patterning top of foot until sock is 1.5-2" short of desired length. Fixation does stretch quite a lot so make sure you stretch it lengthwise on your foot when you try it on for size!

Row 1: Knit to last 2 stitches k2tog, next needle ssk at start then knit all stitches to last k2tog (if working on 1 needle for top of foot, if still on 2 needles ssk start of first needle and k2tog end of second needle knitting all stitches between), last needle ssk knit to end.
Row 2: Knit all stitches

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 10 stitches left on the top of the foot and 10 left on the bottom.

Kitchner (Interweave Knits has the best directions I've seen) and sew in ends.

(A note on Fixation and Kitchner, a lot of instructions say to go back and tighten the stitches when you're done. Believe me, this does not work with Fixation or similar elasticated yarns. Make sure you tighten the stitches as you go along or you will regret it!)

Make another sock to match!


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Blogger Susan said...

I have knit this pattern both for myself and for gifts. It is such a great knit, both easy and interesting. They always turn out well and look lovely. Thank you for making and sharing the pattern.

1:49 pm


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