Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Summer Pyjamas and Crash Bang Whollop

OK, so it's January and it's freezing here at night (and most of the day!) but I wanted something cheery to sew and something easy and bright to get me back into the sewing fray so I pulled out Simplicity 4319 and some very cute fabric I've had in the stash for ages and made myself a pair of summer pyjamas.

I made view C in a size Medium (the finished dimensions on these are huge compared to the measurements given for the size they're supposed to fit). I made a couple of changes along the way. To begin with I added 2 inches to the length of the top as it wasn't long enough for my liking. I didn't add a ribbon onto the shorts or top like the pattern called for as I didn't have anything that matched well and I used elastic in the waist of the shorts rather than a drawstring as I'm not a fan of drawstring pyjama bottoms, I find that they just don't stay comfortably done up for me.

These are pretty easy to make and they took me 3 morning sessions (which weren't very long sessions really) in total, although one of those mornings I was cutting them out rather than sewing.

This is the fabric close-up. I got it from Abakhan a long time ago with no idea of what I wanted to do with it at all, but it was so cute I bought 3-4 metres of it, there's still enough to make something else, I'm wondering if I could get a pair of pyjama bottoms out of it so I could use the top with either the shorts or the longer trousers, will have to pull the pattern and remaining fabric out again and have a look.

I cut out a pair of cord trousers for Piggle after I finished the top this morning so I will get sewing on those tomorrow. It's a very easy pattern that I've used for Jim a few times before so it's pretty brainless sewing, but that's the kind of thing I need at the moment, to make progress on projects and reducing the fabric stash resulting in cute garments to make me feel like I'm doing something and being constructive.

In non-crafty news, last night about 10.15 I was sitting in my living room minding my own business watching Buffy and thinking about going to bed when there was a rather large crash outside my house. I live on the edge of farmland so it's usually pretty quiet around here, the only noise I tend to hear are cars going by and as the road that my house is actually on is a dead end we don't get through traffic in front of the house, just to the side onto a single lane road.

Outside I rushed in my slippers wondering what the hell had happened and hoping that someone hadn't cut the corner too much and run into the back of my car. Instead I was faced with a truly bizarre situation which I really don't think occurs all that often.

Mercedes SUV slid on black ice and met the telegraph pole:

Telegraph pole met the stone wall

and then carried on and met the top corner of my house.

Top corner of house (the coping stones luckily rather than the actual wall of my house) became detached (three large pieces along with a lot of smaller pieces and debris)

and met the top of my car.....

These pictures were obviously taken this morning as it was pitch dark when it happened. The poor man who did it lives less than a quarter mile away, I can see his house from outside mine. He was really shocked about it all, apparently he'd felt it start to slide and had decided to try and pull into my road rather than go down the steep hill beside it which he presumed would also be icy. However, the SUV had a mind of it's own and decided to split the difference and go into the pole instead...

I'm now waiting for his insurance company to ring to say when someone can have a look at, and hopefully fix, my car. It's got a large plastic bag tucked into the hole at the moment as you can actually put your hand in and feel the headliner which isn't too good considering it's decided to rain today.

I realised this morning that it could have been far worse. Luckily the stones hit the car and road rather than going through the roof as the window that you can see in the picture with the pole is the boy's room and it would have probably landed on one or both of them. Their bedroom ceiling now has a crack that wasn't there yesterday but besides that there was no internal damage done and they both slept right through it!

My only worry really is that they will try and write off my car which will leave me in a really bad situation as I couldn't get another one that's as good for the amount they'd give me for it. My landlord will sort out the house stuff and have it fixed (claiming on the man's insurance of course) and British Telecom have been out to check on the pole and will re-sit it soon (also on the poor man's insurance no doubt) and I will wait and see what is to become of my little car... It's the best car I've ever had so I'd be very sad indeed to see it go, so fingers crossed it can be fixed and the frame wasn't bent or anything by the impact.

I think I can safely say though that there was a very small chance of this ever happening so I'm not going to worry about it happening again anytime soon!

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Anonymous Sofia Britts said...

It's almost the same thing that happened to my car over the Holidays due to the weather. It was my brother who drove the car to his friend's house just around our neighborhood. He slipped to a small tree, and the hood got wrecked, I'm tellin' ya. The insurance company was supposed to pay for it, but there was an issue. Anyway, good thing my bro and I have tons of cash in our accounts, so we had it fixed in an instant. It pays to save a lot of money in advance in case of emergencies.

3:00 am


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