Thursday, May 31, 2007

Plodding Along

I'm still here, just not getting too much done this week that's worthy of being shown as Little One is on holiday from school and I've hit the 'I'm really over being pregnant' stage of this pregnancy and have been irritable and fed up most of the time (believe me that doesn't work well with a strong willed 4 year old, there have been many clashes).

I finished off DH's bag last night. The outside of the bag took all my sewing time this weekend, it was a pretty involved process, but the inside was much easier and I completed all but the false bottom in 2 hours yesterday while Little One gave MIL the run around. I did the false bottom in about 20 minutes last night and I'm very happy with the way the whole thing came out, as is DH. He's taken it with him to work today so there are no photos yet but I will try and get some when he comes home.

Instead of spending all my time looking at stuff I'm not really interested in on the internet (did I mention that I'm feeling irritable?) I have started to listen to podcasts and knit while Little One watches his morning tv. I've done really well on Thermal and am 2 repeats away (8 rows) from the next set of instructions. I finished the first Lombard Street Sock (went with the plain foot) and am in the middle of the second pattern repeat on the second sock and I am 6 inches into the cuff of a plainly knit sock for DH from some self striping yarn that isn't as exciting to knit as it looks like it will be in the ball. I've also done a few rows of Martha, but I mean only a few rows, it'll get finished one day.

So, now that I've finished DH's bag I can get on with all the other projects I have stacked up to be made. First up are a couple of baby things, but as they're 3-6 month sizes there isn't a huge rush on them. I also have a stack of bits to make for Little One, mainly t-shirts as he's grown recently and things are getting too short. He picked out the fabric for most of them and fabric for his next pair of pjs so I need to trace some patterns and get them out of the way, they're pretty quick to make.

Hopefully some photos soon.

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Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Mr Bedbug's Ditty Bag

This is the second of these I've made, the first was for Little One way back in April 2006, this one was finished off yesterday afternoon and is for the baby, it's first use will be when we go to the hospital so it's nice to know that I can start packing it soon, I do like to be organised and ready, especially as I wasn't quite done packing when Little One arrived 2 weeks early!

The pattern is an Amy Butler one and the fabric is PRR Fish Twill and unbleached Twill which I dyed in the washing machine with Dylon cold water dye. I thought I'd remember the shade, but of course I can't!

I used some heavyweight iron on interfacing to give it a bit of body and help it stand up, nothing worse than a bag that collapses when you put it down. Luckily Little One is still happy with his bag and excited that his 'baby brother' will have a bag like his, I was a bit worried that he'd want the new bag instead of his own!

It could turn into Amy Butler bag month around here as I'm now working on a Messenger Bag (the new version) for DH. Lord knows why I said I'd do it, there are 3 zips, the lining alone has 15 pieces and I've had to stick post-it notes on everything I've cut out as each pattern piece gets used a couple of times for different pieces of the bag, good for saving trees but no fun to figure out when your memory isn't too good. After I finish the Messenger Bag I have The Nappy Bag and a Frency Bag lined up to go, I've not made a bag in ages though so it's nice to be doing them again and we went to Abakhan and stocked up on interfacing while DH was picking the fabrics for his bag so I'm all ready to go.

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Monday, May 21, 2007

Lana Grossa Meilenweit Cotton Maya Socks FO

Lana Grossa need to make the names of their yarns shorter! I finished these on Saturday for DH

That tiny bit of yarn to the side of the photo is all that was left when I was done! Little One picked the colourway and DH made him a pair of socks from it so I was using up the leftovers. I did a very quick weigh on my not too accurate (for knitting yarn!) kitchen scales and estimated that I should be able to do a five and a half inch cuff on each sock and I was just right! The colourway is 5020 and it's my bog standard non pattern on 2.5mm needles over 60 stitches.

As promised this is what Thermal looks like so far:

Image Hosted by

I've done another few pattern repeats since then, it's slow going and each row is taking me about 10 minutes judging by the fact that I can just knit a 4 row repeat during a commercial-less downloaded US tv show! I have to work straight for 13 inches and I think that I'm probably about halfway there, but I can't find my tape measure at the moment. I'm now on my 3rd ball of yarn which is pretty amazing. I'm still enjoying knitting it though and hopefully it will keep moving, the sleeves will obviously be much faster to knit and I've been debating whether to cast one on or not but I think it would make everything else move slower so I've held back for now.

This is the progress of the Lombard Street Socks minus the couple of repeats I've done since the photo was taken:

Image Hosted by

I'm loving the colours of this yarn and enjoying the pattern. I am considering stopping the pattern at the end of the cuff and doing a plain foot though. I can't see how a cable running down the centre of the top of the foot can be very comfortable when you're wearing shoes. I haven't come to a final decision yet, if anyone has knit socks with cables on the feet can you let me know whether they're comfortable to wear or not please?

In the sewing room I have finally finished my maternity sewing which is good as I'm now 30 weeks pregnant so there's not a lot of time left to wear what I've made! These are the final garments:

Image Hosted by

The t-shirt is McCalls 4790, the v is ever so slightly off centre, I can never seem to get them perfect no matter how well I mark them and how carefully I sew. The fabric is a flat backed rib I've had in my stash forever and ever so it was nice to use a large chunk of it up. I added 2 inches to the bottom of this t-shirt as has been my standard for maternity stuff, on the pattern pictures the models seem to be about 6 months pregnant at most and they're pretty thin to start with so for my larger and more pregnant body I need the extra length to cover up the front panel on my trousers.

The trousers are Burda 8376. I am obviously shorter and wider than Burda planned for with this pattern as they are a bit tighter than they should be (they still fit though, I'm wearing them now and they're comfortable) and they were supposed to be cropped trousers but I have hemmed them as full length! I could have worked out how much to chop off the bottom and done them cropped but the weather here has only been really warm for 1 week so far and the fabric I used (from Abakhan) is lightweight enough that they will still be cool even if it does get hot. The maternity panel is situated a little higher on these trousers than on the other pairs I've made so it doesn't sit quite right on me, but as I said they're comfortable so I can live with it for 10 weeks.

I should have another sewing project to show you tomorrow all going well this afternoon with the final stages of it. It's nice to be sewing different things after forcing myself to concentrate on and finish the maternity stuff.

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clown Pants

I finally got some time to work on the black linen maternity trousers and they ended up in the scrap bag.... They seriously looked like I'd lost 100 lbs and was still wearing the same trousers, even with my big bump in them. Very very odd design and unfortunately the shape of the pieces meant that I couldn't even cut a different pair of trousers out of the fabric. However, as I've only thrown away 3 projects in 4 years I'm not too upset and I found some more fabric in my stash and another pattern and those trousers should be finished today if I get myself together and upstairs to do some work. The last maternity t-shirt is also cut out and ready to go so by the weekend I hope to be onto more interesting things, I'm thinking a bag next and then some sleepsuits.

In knitting Thermal is coming along quite well, I think I've done about 7 pattern repeats after the ribbing and I'm loving the way it looks, I will take some progress pictures at some point I promise. It's a pretty slow knit though as I said before so it's going to be a while before it's done!

In sock knitting I finished the first of DH's socks and am working on the heel flap of the second so they're coming on nicely. I also cast on for a pair of myself using the yarn that Kathy dyed for me and the pattern Lombard Street Socks from Magknits September 06 edition. I've not knit socks with a cable in them for a long time and it's funny to be knitting a row by row pattern but I'm happy with them at the moment so hopefully they won't be on the needles forever. I do need to try them on after the next pattern repeat though to make sure the picot edge fits over my heel and up my leg, I've not done one before. I'm thinking of knitting another Fixation pair after I get DH's off the needles, I looked at my Fixation stash the other day and I really should work through it, I think there's enough for 6 pairs there!

Martha is still untouched, actually that's not true, I think I did 1 row the other day, I must start picking her up more and get going, I enjoy knitting that pattern, it's just one of those projects that gets put down one day and not picked up forever...

Whilst pattern diving the other day to find patterns that matched up to some yarn I'm going to buy (like I need more yarn, but it's a good deal so I'm buying it anyway!) I came across the Icarus Shawl pattern in Interweave Knits (corrected as I originally said Adams Shawl which is by the same designer but is a Knitpicks pattern, I have the pattern and yarn for that too but it's seriously chart heavy so will wait) and remembered how much I liked it and that there is yarn in my stash to make it, so I kind of cast on for that as well. I know I already have 2 shawls on the needles but those require reading quite intense charts (for me) and at the moment I just don't have the concentration span to work on them. This shawl, however, is pretty damn simple until you get to the edge so I'm going to let myself knit it and just claim it's a stash reduction exercise.

So, I'm knitting a little here and a little there of a lot of projects, there's a lot of variety which is nice as I can pick what I'm in the mood for at the time and something that fits my concentration level, it means that things will take longer to get finished but I think that's just the kind of knitter I am (and you know in a few months I'll be complaining about how much is on the needles and having a big push to finish stuff off like I've just finished doing!).

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Pebble Stitch Fixation Socks

Yarn: 2 balls Cascade Fixation or similar (mine is colourway 9860)
Needles: 5 3.25mm dpns


Cast on 52 stitches loosely. Place stitches on 4 needles (it is easiest for the pattern to have 14 on 2 needles and 12 on the other 2 needles), join without twisting.

Knit 1 inch of 1x1 ribbing.

Pattern (from Vogue Dictionary of Knitting Stitches)

Row 1 - Knit
Row 2 - Knit
Row 3 - K2tog on all needles
Row 4 - *K1, pick up loop before next stitch and knit, repeat from *.
Note when you reach the end of a needle the stitch you need to pick up is between the needles.

Repeat this pattern until cuff is desired length, mine is 6 inches.


Next rows are worked on 26 stitches only, on the first row work them onto a single needle. Second row turn work leaving remaining stitches on 2 dpns.

Row 1 *slip 1 knit 1 repeat from * for rest of row
Row 2 slip 1 purl rest of row.

Repeat these 2 rows 17 times in total.

Turn Heel.

Row 1 knit 15, ssk k1 turn
Row 2 slip 1 p5 p2tog p1 turn
Row 3 slip 1 k6 ssk k1 turn
Row 4 slip 1 p7 p2tog p1 turn

Continue working rows in this manner increasing 1 stitch each time until all stitches have been worked. Knit across all stitches, there should be 16 stitches left.

Pick up 17 stitches down the side of the heel flap plus 1 from between the flap and the front, knit across front stitches, pick up 1 stitch in the gap between the front and the flap and then 17 stitches up the side of the heel flap.

Place your stitches back onto 4 needles.


Row 1 - needle 1 -Knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog, pattern across needles 2 and 3 on the top of the foot, needle 4 ssk knit to end

Row 2 - knit needles 1 and 4, pattern top of foot needles 2 and 3.

Row 3 - repeat row 1

Row 4 - reat row 2

Work these 4 rows until 52 stitches remain.

Work straight until sock is 1.5-2" short of desired length. Fixation does stretch quite a lot so make sure you stretch it lengthwise on your foot when you try it on for size.


Row 1: Knit to last 2 stitches k2tog, next needle ssk then knit all stitches, third needle knit to last 2 stitches k2tog, last needle ssk knit to end.
Row 2: Knit all stitches

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 10 stitches left on the top of the foot and 10 left on the bottom.

Kitchner and sew in ends.

Make another sock to match!

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Thursday, May 10, 2007

Apparently I Can't Read

But Eleanor can. The pattern for Thermal actually says that you need US 2.5 *OR* 3mm needles, so the ribbing is done on the same size needles as the rest of the sweater.

I am still debating whether to use smaller needles or not though, I'm probably going to go with 'not' and cast on again tonight.

Not worried about buying the needles that I won't actually use for this project, a girl can't have too many knitting needles in her collection!


Don't You Just Love a False Start?

So I was knitting away on Thermal thinking that it was funny that the pattern said 2 needle sizes on it but when you came to follow the directions it didn't tell you to use the smaller needles. Originally I thought that perhaps the pattern was suggesting that you would need either 2.5mm or 3mm needles to make gauge, but then I started second guessing myself as I normally do. So I stopped, went and looked at the pattern on Knitty again to see if there were any corrections, but no, still said 2 needle sizes but didn't tell you which ones to use for the ribbing.

I then Googled to see who had finished Thermal and if they'd made a note of the needles they used and sure enough the couple of places I found it said they'd used smaller needles for the ribbing. Of course, I don't own any 2.5mm circular needles so I surfed off to Get Knitted, my usual online knitting shop (they give you free pens, we have lots now, and sometimes sweets and at Christmas we got a free candle in our order. I say 'our' as DH gets his sock yarn from there as well!) and ordered a set of needles. I actually remembered, just as I was about to check out, to go and have a look to see if I had the dpns that I needed for the sleeves and discovered that I don't own a set of 3mm dpns, so to the order they were added (along with a Blue Sky Alpaca pattern and some sock yarn for the next pair I'll make DH). They are normally quite quick to dispatch so I'm hoping that as I got it in before lunchtime that it will be here very soon.

Good thing I'd only done about 6 rows of ribbing or I would have been a lot more upset. The idea of casting on another 280 stitches on even smaller needles isn't filling my heart with joy right now though!

Thanks for the comments yesterday, I truly hope that I didn't come across as a comment beggar, I have just really been missing the communication and interaction about my crafts that I get from commenters, it was lovely to hear from people again!


Wednesday, May 09, 2007

New Project

I decided that as I'm now on the foot of the Fixation Socks, which means that they will hopefully be done by the weekend with some work and luck, that I wanted a new project to sink my teeth into. The shawls aren't going anywhere as I don't have the time, patience or concentration level to work on them at the moment so I will be down to just Martha and a pair of plain socks which isn't a great deal of variety for my easily bored brain.

I went through my big box of patterns that I've printed off the internet, threw away a great many of them and then pulled out about five that I really was interested in making right now. Unfortunately I can't afford new yarn and I have a biggish stash that I need to start using more of so I sat down and tried to match patterns to yarn and once again found that I seem to buy yarn that doesn't ever go with what I actually want to knit... I did finally have some luck though with Thermal from Knitty Winter 2006. The yarn the pattern calls for has some silk in it so I figured I'd be alright subbing cotton for the yarn used and that as I have 2 bags of Phildar Licorne I definitely had enough to meet the huge 1,980 yards called for to make this sweater. So I swatched, convinced that my stash would once again let me down and that there was no way I was ever going to make gauge on needles that I actually owned, only to find that I was spot on using the called for 3mm needles and I actually had the right length circular to get the job done!

I cast on last night and did about 4 rows of the twisted rib, and realised that this sweater is going to take an age to knit! The body is knit in one piece which is great, but it's 280 stitches on 3mm needles, a row takes forever! I also realised that I do this all the time, I love small gauge knits but forget how much time and knitting they take to actually make. I guess my love for small gauge won't be ending anytime soon so I should get used to it. So I'm now knitting 2 sweaters on 3mm needles with thin cotton yarn and the shawls aren't much better as they're on 3.5mm needles using thin cotton yarn!

I put a new stat counter on my blog to see where people came from and what they're looking at and was surprised to see how popular the sock patterns are, especially the Lace Wings Fixation Socks. It's funny to me that those socks are the most popular as I don't actually own a pair of them (I made them for a Sockapaloza swap) and I wasn't all that enamoured with the results. Isn't it always the way? I also discovered that my sock patterns are linked to all over the place which I hadn't realised and is very flattering. No one has come forward yet to say that they've actually made my socks, although there is a Cascade Fixation Sock Knitalong which has a few pictures of the Lace Wings, but it's nice to know that the patterns are getting some attention, I was convinced that I was the only one who ever looked at them, and I only tend to view them as reference for new socks!

I am wondering though looking at all the hits I get a day (minimum was 130 on a day I didn't post, nowhere near the book deal bloggers but still a huge number in my mind and very flattering) whether I've offended the comment gods somewhere along the line. I love the communication with like minded people that the blog brings me and lately I've had very very few comments which saddens me and makes me feel a bit dull. I understand that I've not been making as much as I normally do and that my knitting production in particular has fallen to just socks here and there, but I miss the emailing in response to comments that I used to do, the only knitter I know in person is my Mother so talking to other knitters online means a lot to me. Anywho, perhaps when I start making more than socks and maternity clothes and start having something more interesting to say for myself the comments will come back, I hope so anyway!


Sunday, May 06, 2007

Licorice Whip FO

I FINALLY finished this sweater yesterday! I can't believe how long it's been on the needles, I started it before we went to Portland in October, that's far too long for knitting a simple sweater like this. The body was finished pretty quickly but it was the sleeves that took an age, I just couldn't find the motivation to pick it up after I found out I was pregnant and you can see why from the way it fits my pre-pregnancy set dressform:

Just a bit too tight! It's going to be a while before I can wear this sweater but I'm pretty happy with the way it came out, although my lace isn't as even as I would want it to be, for some reason my k2togs leave a bit of a furrow before the lace panel starts and one side of the yo's is looser than the other. This didn't happen on the sleeves though so I'm not quite sure what went on, but I'm sure with wear and perhaps some blocking at a later stage it will all even out. Sorry about the flash on it, I knew I should have taken the picture yesterday when the sun was out, it's all overcast today.

I made the medium size which is a 40" chest. It was knit on 5mm needles (circulars for the body and dpns for the sleeves) and I used Rowan All Seasons Cotton in shade 164, Dusky. I'm glad I didn't try a larger size as I started on the 10th ball of this yarn (the pattern said I'd only need 9 balls according to the yardage) so if I had made the next size up I'd have run out of yarn for sure. It's an easy pattern to follow despite there being so many sizes on it and if you don't run out of motivation it should be a pretty easy quick knit!

I also did some sewing yesterday, I started off with McCalls 3940

I made this pattern ages ago in the long sleeve version and it's just a bit too short for me now I have a largish bump so I added 2 inches to the bottom of this version and it has come out just fine. It's a quick and easy pattern to put together the only thing I changed, besides the length, was to edge stitch the facings down as they have a tendency to flip up if you don't do that.

I then decided to tackle the collar of Simplicity 3888 which had flummoxed me last time I looked at it, I ended up finishing off this shirt yesterday evening, so it was a pretty productive day!

I wasn't sure this was going to be long enough either but it turned out just fine and it's a really nice shirt to wear. The bodice fits more tightly than most maternity garments and then all the gathers under it allow room for the bump. There are long ties at the back to tie it to the size you need. The pattern on this fabric has some glitter in it so it's not as plain as it looks. The fabric for both these shirts came from Abakhan.

My maternity sewing seems to have wandered into all black and white, I'm working on a pair of black linen cropped trousers now and then a white t-shirt. I think what happened was that I found fabric in my stash that I liked but was willing to sacrifice to garments that I would only wear for a few months. I have a ton of lovely prints that would have looked gorgeous in any of these styles but I just couldn't part with them for maternity clothes! I was going to make a dress but I have realised that in total I will probably only wear it 10 times in total so it's not worth the fabric or the sewing time so back in the stash the fabric went.

Once I've finished these maternity bits it's onto baby sewing and bag sewing (I have 2 lined up). I'm proud to say though that I've not bought one single item of maternity clothing during this pregnancy. I have got some t-shirts, a pair of sweatpants and underwear from last time around but besides that I have made everything else myself and saved us a ton of money. Yay me!

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Friday, May 04, 2007

And So It Begins

Over the last few days I've started to put some thought and research into getting our immigration plans underway and have spent many confusing hours surfing around the US Government websites trying to figure out whether certain rules and regulations apply to us or not. Let's just say that just because it's a regulation for applying in the States doesn't mean that it applies to our application over here, very confusing indeed.

So far I've figured out getting my Social Security Card to have the right name, whether or not I need to backdated tax returns (no, thankfully!), that my kids actually are US citizens (had my Dad retired 6 month's earlier they wouldn't have been..), that I need different birth certificates from the one I got issued with for Little One and will get for new baby but I know where to apply and how much that will cost, what we will need to use on the Affidavit of Support we will have to file in the next stage and a few other things here and there. All of that along with a great shock of how much it will cost.... Ouch.

I got the printer ink refilled and have printed off the first sheaf of paperwork and we can start filling in forms and photocopying documents so that when I get my new Social Security Card we can pay the US Government $190 (just the first payment, and that's a small one!) to consider whether they want my DH to live in America or not. The whole process can take anywhere from 6 months to a year depending on whether we have the right information and how busy the processing centres get. We're hoping for about 9 months for the visa to be issued and then we have 6 months to move after that.

We even figured out the other night where in Portland we want to live, which is amazing for us, we normally don't agree on things so easily! We did have quite a wide area in mind but have narrowed it down to around SE Division and no further out than 70th Street, we're happy to go North or South of Division by a few miles, we don't have to live right off it, although we both really would like to. We would like easy access to Mt Tabor Park but as long as we can walk to one of the other many parks in that area within 5 minutes and to some local shops we'll be happy. Anyway, having an area means that I can narrow my search for property prices and rental information as well as schools, parks, shops etc etc etc which makes it a whole lot easier considering that Portland is about 6 times bigger than Liverpool!

Now we need to sort out when we want to put the house on the market.... Rentals over here aren't as fluid as they are in the States, you tend to have to sign a year or 6 month contract rather than being able to go month to month. We also will not be able to afford to rent a house similar to the one we live in now as the rent would be almost £400 (about $760) more a month than we pay on our mortgage and we don't have that kind of money. We have to make sure that we stay within the area so Little One can carry on going to school and that there is access for the cats and dog, so no top floor flats! We are getting on with finishing the house so that we at least get to live in it for a few months done, we had the downstairs doors stripped of 100 years of paint and they look fabulous. Once we've finished the door frames, waxed the doors and hung them back up we can take off the upstairs doors and get going on those. All the rest of the jobs that need doing are pretty small, they just need the time put in, we want/need to have the kitchen repainted and there is some work in there that could be expensive and we need to figure out how to get that done soon as possible....

In non paperwork or mental stress areas I have started the second Fixation sock that I'm designing, am doing another pair of Lana Grossa Cotton Fun socks for DH and haven't touched anything else in ages. I may go and do a few rows on Licorice Whip now so that it's been out of the basket this month, I think it's taking me so long to finish this damn thing because it's dark grey and pretty dull to work on but also because it won't fit me once it's done and that's a bit depressing really. Martha is still buried as well, must find the counter and figure out where I am and make some progress on that too, but my goal is to get Licorice Whip and that second Fixation sock done and then I will feel like I have gotten all the old projects off my plate. I'm working on another maternity shirt and have cut out the summer linen trousers as well but I'm getting really bored of making such large shapeless garments so things are slow moving. I have a day to myself tomorrow so hopefully I can get something made up and finished.

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Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Sock Candy Garter Socks

Image Hosted by

Yarn: 2 skeins Sock Candy or similar (this colourway is Scaponia)
Needles: 5 2.75mm dpns


Image Hosted by

Cast on 52 stitches loosely. Place 13 stitches on each needle, join without twisting.

Knit 1 inch of 2x2 ribbing.

Begin pattern:

Row 1: Knit
Row 2: Knit
Row 3: Purl

Work this pattern until sock is desired length, you will need to stretch it a little bit to get the correct length. I worked mine to 6 inches.


Image Hosted by

Finish knitting leg on row 3, knit 3 needles and then begin heel, this puts the 'jog' where the purl rows begin at the back of the sock.

Next rows are worked back and forth on 26 stitches only, on the first row work them onto a single needle. Second row turn work leaving remaining stitches on 2 dpns.

Row 1 slip 1 knit knit to end
Row 2 slip 1 purl rest of row.

Repeat these 2 rows 13 times.

Turn Heel:

Row 1 knit 15, ssk k1 turn
Row 2 slip 1 p6 p2tog p1 turn
Row 3 slip 1 k7 ssk k1 turn
Row 4 slip 1 p8 p2tog p1 turn

Continue working rows in this manner increasing 1 stitch each time until all stitches have been worked.

There will be 16 stitches remaining.

Knit across heel stitches, pick up 13 stitches down the side of the heel flap, pattern across front stitches (you will be on row 2 of the pattern), then pick up 13 stitches up the side of the heel flap. You should then knit across half the heel stitches onto the fourth needle so that needles 1 and 4 both have 21 stitches on them.

Next row:
Needle1: Knit to last 2 stitches, k2tog
Needles 2 and 3: work pattern
Needle 4: Knit to end

Second row: knit needles 1 and 4 pattern needles 2 and 3

Work these 2 rows until 13 stitches remain on needles 1 and 3.

Work straight knitting bottom of foot and patterning top of foot until sock is 1.5-2" short of desired length. Make sure you stretch it gently lengthwise on your foot when you try it on for size!


Image Hosted by

Row 1:
Needle1: Knit to last 2 stitches k2tog
Needle 2: ssk knit to end
Needle 3: knit to last 2 stitches k2tog
Needle4: ssk knit to end

Row 2:
Knit all stitches

Repeat these 2 rows until there are 10 stitches left on the top of the foot and 10 left on the bottom.

Kitchner toe and sew in ends.

Make another sock to match!

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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Skirt FO

So, I was making a shirt, and I got to the bit where I had to connect the neckband to the body and my brain just went all fuzzy on me so I gave up and made something simpler instead:

Image Hosted by

This is Simplicity 5466 and it was really fast to make up. The fabric I bought from a UK sewing group from someone clearing out their stash an age ago, it was just under a metre and I've never found anything that I could get to fit on the fabric until now, so it was nice to finally use it up! The fabric is a lightweight denim type and it has stretch to it. I couldn't imagine wearing this skirt in early pregnancy as the ribbing 'pouch' is pretty damn huge, in fact I will need to fold the waistband over at the front for a bit yet as even my sizeable bump doesn't fill it yet.

I now have 5 more maternity things to make so I had best get on with them, it was nice to finish something for a change though, I feel like I've gotten nothing done for ages. Last week was a complete wash-out as Little One was ill and then DH came down with something on Little One's Birthday on Thursday, then we went out both days over the weekend so things haven't really been on an even keel! Hopefully things will get back to normal this week and I can crack on with things.

I've almost finished the socks I'm designing from Sock Candy and I will post the pattern as soon as they are done, hopefully tomorrow. Besides that my knitting has been at a standstill which is disappointing, I'm determined to change that though.

I have a favour to ask, if you've knit one of my sock patterns (as posted on the sidebar, they're free!) could you send me a picture of the socks please? I'd love to start a readers gallery and see what people have done with the patterns. Thanks very much!

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